Testimonial for Giving up Chocolate
About four years ago my older brother developed diabetes 2.  I was concerned about thisbecause Diabetes can be hereditary.   I decided to have a hypnotherapy treatment to give up chocolate as this could help to reduce the amount of sugar in my blood.  I absolutely loved chocolate – I would always want to finish the bar or box of chocolates.  Since my hypnotherapy treatment with Sharon Downes just over 2 years ago, I have not eaten chocolate – in fact I do not even have a craving to eat chocolate – quite the reverse. It has also helped me to lose weight.  
Vi Ricketts (My Mum who continues to inspire me)
Testimonial for Relaxation and Pain Management
I am a middle aged man suffering from a neurological condition called ‘transverse myelitis’ the condition manifests itself in many ways including fatigue, pain, muscle weakness and depression.
Sharon has been working with me for several weeks over which time I have been delighted with the results from hypnosis. I have found ways to relax and refocus my mind looking inwards to work with my body.
Together we have achieved a reduction in my perceived pain, increased energy levels and a better outlook on life.
Sessions are patient focused and carried out very professionally. I have no hesitation in recommending hypnosis.
S Holden
My experience with Past Life Regressions (PLR) 
The first PLR I did with Sharon was really out of general curiosity; I’d heard stuff about them, people `becoming’ Egyptian Priestesses and the like, and I was interested enough to have a go. 
My first PLR was also my first experience of hypnosis and I was a little apprehensive.  It was a bit weird as you are completely aware all the time with your `front’ brain but very much an observer and detached from what’s going on. 
I had no idea of the process of going into hypnosis but that went well and I found myself in the corridor and at the door quite easily – rather to the surprise of my front brain.  I remember panicking a bit in case I couldn’t do it and being surprised that I could! 
My first PLR took me to a medieval cottage in a wood with a handsome woodsman as my husband.  This experience showed me my life as a movie, so I was an onlooker.  Just like a movie everything was very clean and perfect!  I got a great sense of peace and tranquillity from this experience. 
My second PLR was for a particular purpose – I have never particularly enjoyed swimming, especially on my front – I hate getting water on my face and being out of my depth.  After talking to Sharon about getting hypnotherapy to help with this minor phobia, she suggested PLR might be appropriate.  The process went as before, without the panic of the first session, and I arrived at the door more quickly and with more confidence.   
This PLR took me back to a dockside scene with tall sailing ships, about late 1700’s or early 1800’s.  This time I was the person featured rather than an onlooker, which was a weird sensation as I was looking through another set of eyes!  We went through stages of this life to find a possible reason for my water fears now and were successful – on holiday I went swimming in the sea and was swimming lengths in a pool – on my front and over the deep end. 
This was an emotional PLR for me but well worthwhile as it resolved a present day problem.  Even though emotions welled up there was never any fear and Sharon and I were always in control. 
My third PLR was not pre-planned.  I had seen some information about hypnosis being used to help improve eyesight and Sharon agreed to conduct some sessions. In our discussion prior to the first session it was suggested that a PLR might be useful.  Knowing how successful the previous one had been I was happy to agree.  
The process went as smoothly as previously and this time I found myself in a much earlier setting.  It was harder to pinpoint the era but the feeling was of a primitive village with whitewashed buildings in a hotter climate, possibly Roman era.  Again I was an onlooker.  This was a more confusing experience; although we ‘went’ to the time that could have a bearing on my correct eyesight there was no obvious connection.  However this PLR was interesting for another reason – I linked into the life experienced in my second PLR and was `jumping’ between the two.  At one point both lives appeared together in their respective eras, as in a split screen.  Again this was quite an emotional experience, seeing two lives, completely unconnected in time but connected to me, acting in unison for my current benefit. 
Would I recommend PLR?  Yes, without hesitation.  Whether you are just interested in exploring a different aspect of yourself or want to see if something in a previous life is having an effect on the life you live now, its worth doing.  Just don’t expect to be that Egyptian Priestess though, you’re more likely to be somewhere further down the chain. 
Jayne Ford
Testimonial For Relaxation
I received a gift voucher from my wife for hypnotherapy as I was suffering from stress.  I was very cynical to say the least about having hypnotherapy and really went along as my wife had gone to the trouble to purchase the voucher.
I decided to have a session to help me with stress in the workplace – I was not sleeping at the time, there were redundancies to be made which required my input and accountability.
I can honestly say that I felt the most relaxed after the session that I have ever felt in my life.  I took away a feeling of calm which stayed with me – and it was as if the more pressure I felt under at work, the calmer and clearer I was in my decision making process.  The added benefit was that I slept much sounder as well.
Preparation and Healing After Surgery
I was feeling depressed and old as I had developed bags under my eyes.  I decided to have plastic surgery but was terrified of going into hospital.  I contacted Sharon to see if there was anything that could be done to alleviate my fear, as it was getting to the stage where I didn’t want to go out and I felt that I didn’t recognise myself in the mirror.  Who was this old lady looking back at me in the mirror?  
I had a session with Sharon to alleviate my fears of hospitals – and it was very relaxing – probably the most relaxed I have ever felt in my life.  At the end of the session I didn’t ‘know’ whether it had worked, I just felt very relaxed.  Sharon explained that she felt the session had gone well.  I booked my appointment with the consultant and didn’t really think about whether I was worried about the surgery and going into hospital too much.  When the day came, luckily I didn’t have very long to wait, I drove to the hospital, sat in the waiting room and made conversation with other people waiting.  Eventually the penny dropped – I wasn’t worried at all! 
The surgery was a success and I then asked Sharon for a session to help my body heal quickly afterward, as I had two ‘black’ eyes and only two weeks off work to recover and wanted to make the most of my time off which I’d booked as holiday.  Sharon came to my house and as before the session was extremely relaxing.  The bruising healed extraordinarily quickly and before the end of the first week, I felt confident to start going out.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Sharon as a hypnotherapist.
Dawn Jones
As a child, I endured bullying for most of my time at school.  I really wanted to become a fireman as far back as I can remember.  I kept my fitness levels up in the hope of my dream coming true.  When I left school I delayed looking into becoming a fireman due to my stutter.  I was worried that it would let me down in my interview.  I went to see Sharon to see if it could help.  Sharon explained that there was every possibility it could help but she couldn’t guarantee it and she said she had not worked with someone with a stutter before.  She agreed to work with me for confidence and self-esteem in the first instance.  Amazingly as I grew in confidence the stutter didn’t worry me so much.  I went back to Sharon and said could we give the hypnotherapy a go for the stutter.  Sharon agreed – and remarkably the stutter has all but gone and I have since gone on to fulfill my lifelong ambition of becoming a fireman.
Weight Loss
I had been overweight as far back as I could remember.  Both my parents were overweight and my sisters.  After I lost one of my parents through ill health I decided that I wanted to lose some weight.  I tried every diet and it didn’t seem to have any lasting effect.  I met Sharon at a holistic show and she explained that there could be an emotional blockage preventing me from losing weight by dieting alone.
I decided to give the hypnotherapy a go.  After an in-depth consultation it was agreed that Regression into my unhappy childhood might be a good idea.  I agreed to try it.  We went back to a time when I discovered that my Father’s bullying made me put weight on for protection.  After the session which was very emotional at the time, but ultimately illuminating and uplifting as well, I started to feel good about myself.  This time I started to loose the weight by dieting and I also started to be more confident about making friends and went on a bootcamp to exercise and lose weight.  I am convinced that I wouldn’t have had the motivation if I hadn’t released my hidden emotions with the hypnotherapy.
Testimonial for giving up Smoking
I had a session with Sharon to stop smoking six years ago, and I haven’t touched or even wanted to smoke ever since.  The best thing about the hypnotherapy is that I didn’t have any stress about needing to smoke and I genuinely don’t crave a cigarette even now all these years later.  After the session I wondered if it had worked as I felt very relaxed but I didn’t feel any different.  Sharon asked me to put my lighter and remaining cigarettes in the bin, which I did – but I was still a bit unsure at that point.  It was only when later that day at the pub my friend offered me a cigarette that I just said no and didn’t think anything of it.  When I got up the next day and went downstairs to have my cup of coffee – I realised that I had no desire to have the usual cigarette with it at all.  
Caroline Taylor
21st March 2010
Testimonial for stopping Drinking Wine
I wasn’t exactly an alcoholic but it would be no problem at all to down a bottle of wine in an evening.  Since my daughters had moved to New Zealand I was completely alone.  I had been drinking before they left, but somehow drinking on my own was even worse.  I wanted to go out and see my daughters and I wanted to make them proud of me by showing that I could give the wine up. 
When I saw Sharon, she said she could help me give up completely or just stop after one glass.  I said that I wanted to give up but ideally to occasionally have one glass on a social occasion.  I had two sessions with Sharon and it worked a treat.  Also I have gained more interest in life and have taken up some hobbies as well as a result of giving up the wine drinking at home.   Thank you Sharon.
(Name withheld)
Testimonials for Gastric Band Hypnosis
I lost 9 lbs in three weeks – a really positive start!
(Name withheld)
I am 65 years old and did not believe that I could lose weight.  I have always eaten healthily and just assumed that my metabolism had slowed down.  After three weight loss sessions with Sharon, including the Gastric Band, I have reached my target weight – all of my friends are asking me what I am doing! 
LP  – Aldershot
I have lost half a stone in a week after the first session!
Eileen from Petersfield
Testimonial for Exercising in Sleep
I don’t know what has happened, but I seem to be eating more and still losing weight – and my skin seems firmer!
Jo from Bordon

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