Gastric Band

You are a smart woman or man and you already know exactly how to lose weight. 

Just eat less and exercise more.  (If it were only that simple – I hear you say 🙂 
If it was only based on logical thinking then you would be slim already.  But as you know, emotions, stress and habits get in the way.
It’s not that you lack willpower.  Willpower actually has nothing to do with it.
Gastric Band Hypnosis 

How does it work?  By convincing your subconscious mind it has had a gastric band fitted you begin to eat smaller portions and feel less hungry and therefore you begin to lose weight, feel healthier and more confident.  

Positive results can be gained typically after a minimum of just three sessions – during which time we can also work on such things as emotional eating, comfort eating, habitual eating, motivation, addiction and more.  This program, alongside the clients’ positive efforts to complete their ‘homework’ using self-hypnosis, has delivered and continues to deliver longlasting results. 


This system is equally positive whether you have a lot of weight to lose and a high bmi, a few stubborn pounds to lose (we can always do a ‘gastric band’ adjustment later), if you have been carrying a lot of weight around your middle for a long time – or are simply not able to exercise due to health reasons. 

The sessions are tailored to you to bring about weight loss success and you are provided with CD’s to listen to whenever you want to, to support you between sessions.
Lose weight, feel healthier and more confident with the fabulous Gastric Band Technique.
“I am 65 years old and did not believe that I could lose weight.  I have always eaten healthily and just assumed that my metabolism had slowed down.  After three weight loss sessions with Sharon, including the Gastric Band, I have reached my target weight – all of my friends are asking me what I am doing!” 
LP  – Aldershot
(NB:  Client had 14lbs to lose and this happened after three sessions over a period of 7 weeks)
Weight Loss treatments can encompass the following, and more, to suit the individual need of the client:
  • reduce your appetite
  • chocolate or sugar addiction
  • motivation to stick to a healthy eating plan
  • eliminate comfort eating
  • burn calories while you sleep
  • accelerate your metabolism
  • self hypnosis and NLP techniques
  • let go of negative emotions/self limiting beliefs
  • let go of stress and anxiety
  • self esteem and confidence
  • goal setting
  • festive eating
  • regression to cause of weight gain
 The bottom line is hypnotherapy is safe and it works – let me share this wonderful tool with you to bring about the weight loss that you desire.
Compelling evidence of hypnotherapy’s usefulness in weight loss in which patients “showed a significantly greater weight loss compared with control groups” was uncovered in a review of six studies published in the September 2005 issue of the International Journal Of Obesity.

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