How Does Hypnosis Feel

What it feels like to be in hypnosis

There are still various misconceptions that circulate in the public mind about hypnosis but these have given way to proven, scientifically sound applications. 

Many are anxious that they will be unconscious or powerless, at the command of the dubious intentions of the therapist.  This is far from the case.  Hypnosis is a natural state that we find ourselves in daily, for example:-

  • Being absorbed in a lengthy but enjoyable task like playing a computer game or gardening and forgetting the time.
  • Gazing out of a window, with a far-away look in your eyes, thinking intently about a particular thing.
If you can relate to either of these experiences, you have already been in hypnosis.  You would probably refer to this in everyday terms as daydreaming or being in your own world.  When you stare out of your window as you are daydreaming you are aware that you are sitting in your living room, but this information falls into insignificance while you pursue your thoughts.  However, if someone calls your name or the phone rings, you snap out of this daydream immediately.
We all switch in and out of light hypnosis many times a day quite naturally, so there is really nothing sinister about the sensation.  All the hypnotherapist does is help you achieve a trance-like state on purpose rather than leaving it to chance. No hypnotherapist can hypnotise you against your will.
When you are in hypnosis you direct your attention within.  Even though you are aware of where you are and who is with you, these things are no longer your prime focus.  Instead you are concentrating on the suggestions and imagery that the therapist is giving you.  While you focus on these images in your mind, you can open your eyes at any time, but since the therapist will suggest a calming and peaceful scenario to you, you are less likely to feel inclined to do so.  Hypnosis is a very pleasant,relaxing state to be in.
Hypnotherapy uses the totally natural state of hypnosis to help your own mind make the changes you desire in your life.  Suggestion therapy is used to change habits such as smoking or to face exams, driving tests etc.  One or two sessions is all that is usually required.   Phobias can often be eradicated in one session.  Hypno-analysis looks for the causes of the more deep rooted problems rather than merely treating symptoms and more sessions may be required for such conditions as panic-attacks, depression, weight loss etc.  Hypno-healing helps bring about the body’s own self-healing processes.  Self-hypnosis is taught to everyone attending more than one session and can be used by the client for various situations such as sports motivation, stress management or public speaking.  Self-hypnosis can also achieve more comfortable childbirth or dental treatment. 
A free introductory consultation is offered prior to deciding which kind of therapy is recommended.