Hypnotherapy and the Power of the Subconscious Mind
If you want to embrace positive change and improve yourself in any way, then hypnotherapy may be just for you.  Hypnotherapy is an incredibly effective and yet simple method for making rapid progress with long standing issues. Hypnotherapy helps you achieve wellness, lowers your blood pressure and generally enhances your immune system.  A session will provide you with a deep and refreshing level of relaxation – it is a very pleasant state to be in. 
If there is a physiological concern, such as cancer or if you require hypnotherapy to support you to come off your medication, such as antidepressants, then with the permission of your Doctor we can proceed.  Hypnotherapy also works wonderfully alongside other forms of treatment, such as accupuncture, psychotherapy and massage therapy.  The work we do in hypnotherapy effectively strengthens and supports any existing medical or complementary treatment that you are currently receiving.  We will work together to formulate the best plan of action for you.
From the moment we are born, the subconscious mind effectively stores and catalogues every single one of our experiences.  In addition, our subconscious mind stores any habitual behaviour – you may have caught yourself doing things on ‘autopilot’ occasionally – that is because learnt patterns of behaviour are successfully logged in the subconscious.  Using hypnosis, we can easily reach parts of our subconscious mind that are not normally so readily accessible to us and make the positive changes that we wish to make. 
I’m passionate about hypnosis, let me share this valuable tool with you to make the positive changes that you desire.

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