Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression can be very healing, whether you believe in it or not is not important.  It is a positive and powerful healing therapy.  It can have an amazing effect on some clients’ lives.  Sometimes illness or allergies miraculously clear up after the client discovers a past life that has a parallel trauma.  Sometimes phobias are eradicated.
PLR can be used to record a repeat pattern that is happening in your ‘lives’ if you are interested in Karmic return and  also to release negative oaths and vows.  An interesting common occurrence that happens when the client is moved beyond spirit in the life they are exploring, is that they are always able to say what the purpose of that life was.  Sometimes at this point they recognise a friend or a loved one in spirit, beyond any doubt, even though this person may have a different face.
Some clients who have experienced past life regression don’t even believe in past lives and come out of curiosity.  However, when I ask their subconscious to take them back to a previous life or back to the root cause of their current problem, their “higher self” takes them to the origin of the problem and it happens to be in another body, in another time. They all seem to experience it as very real and relevant to the current struggles they are having.
“I must admit I just came for the fun of it, to experience PLR as you are a friend of mine.  I was not prepared to experience ‘me’ in another body and in another place and there is no doubt in my mind at all now that past life exists – and it has also, by the way, cleared up some issues that I was having problems at work with.” 
KO –  Hampshire

The first PLR I did with Sharon was really out of general curiosity; I’d heard stuff about them, people `becoming’ Egyptian Priestesses and the like, and I was interested enough to have a go … read more

Some people come for a past life reading, hoping to have been someone famous – this is in all probability unlikely to be the case.  However, it is a fascinating journey and teaches us a lot about ourselves and is still worth pursuing. There are many possible explanations for past lives – maybe it could be a memory of a film or a book you have read, your imagination, a creative way for the mind to find answers?
My own belief is that there is still so much we have to learn about ourselves and past lives are a way of accessing your previous records and healing the past.  It can be life changing.  From all the clients I have seen, I personally have no doubt that it exists – and the best part of the session seems to be when the client moves from the past life experienced to the space between lives – and everyone seems to leave with such a feeling of peace which I believe stems from experiencing your eternal self and the interlife where we are free of pain and full of love.
I am professionally trained in past life regression.  It is a totally safe procedure and is very healing. Why not experience this amazing journey for yourself?
Note:  Most people go very easily into a past life, but occasionally there are a few people who block themselves.  This can be due to fear, strong religious beliefs or, sometimes, medication.  I very gently work with the client to overcome these blocks – the good news is that whatever is created by the mind can be reframed by the mind in a positive way.
If you are interested in booking a Past Life Regression please contact Sharon.

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