Seasonal Hatha Yoga


So what is Hatha Yoga.  Ha means “Sun” and Tha means “Moon”.  Hatha Yoga is a traditional style of yoga creating balance in the body.  As with the complementary opposites of Sun and Moon (e.g. the Sun is more masculine and active and the Moon is more feminine and receptive) every posture creates flexibility, strength and balance in the body and is followed by another posture which carefully balances the body in an opposing way or direction.  


I trained to be a Seasonal Yoga Teacher with Sue Woodd and Julie Hanson.  Seasonal Yoga helps us to align our body, mind and spirit with what is happening in nature.  So at the moment our classes will focus on the season of Autumn; a  good time to reap the harvest of the warmer months.  Your energy will naturally be turning inwards, allowing you to focus on what you can let go of and what you truly do want to focus on in your life.  A good time to start a meditation practice or focus on your breath to help to energise and clear the mind.  Becoming more mindful of your movements on and off the yoga mat – using the breath well.



If you are new to yoga, you may be wondering how to get started?  First of all I would suggest coming to the free introductory taster class.  It is a misconception that you have to be flexible to take part in a yoga class, you just work at your own level and in time you will become more flexible.  However, from the very first class you will often experience the beginnings of a shift in stiff joints and muscles, plus the feel good factor that yoga brings.  The best thing about yoga is that there is no need to be a yogi/yogini to reap the benefits.  Yoga is for you whether you are young or old, overweight or lean.  The marvellous benefits of yoga include calming and relaxing the mind and strengthening the body.  Yoga is the union of mind, body and spirit.  Yoga is for everyone.



MONDAY 7-8pm                     Seasonal Hatha Yoga for both beginners and intermediates, plus relaxation

WEDNESDAY 7-8pm             Seasonal Hatha Yoga for both beginners and intermediates, plus relaxation

VENUE:                                    24 Rue de la Grande Blourde, 86150 Nerignac

EXCHANGE:                           Free taster session, 49€ for 7 sessions or 8€ for drop in

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